Your custom interactive map delivered

  • Design,
  • Configuration,
  • Data integration
  • Training
  • Personalized configuration
  • Specific developments
  • Custom basemap design

Our services


Design, configuration, data integration

You have an idea for a map but don’t know how to make it?

We have perfect control over the Cartotarget tool, but above all the experience making interactive maps!

We offer to accompany you in the graphic design and structuring of your data so your interactive map corresponds to the image, message and information you want to communicate.

We will set up your map using Cartotarget’s back-office until the published map meets your expectations.

Finally, we’ll help you collect, integrate, and update your data for a complete, up-to-date map.



Cartotaget is an ergonomic tool, but remains a professional tool for publishing map data.

A training is the surest way to realize the full potential of the solution.

We have a Cartotarget training module to shape your data by layer symbology, datasheet setting and custom map design with filters and original basemaps.

We also propose to train you on Qgis, the free and opensource geographic information system to prepare your data.


Personalized configuration

If you want to customize your use of CartoTarget you know that it is also possible to interact with your proprietary database.

CartoTarget is a web application in SAAS mode, but it is possible for restrictions that a local installation on a server, to see an offline operation.

We can adapt to your needs.

Finally, Cartotarget interactive maps have a responsive design that can be integrated into your mobile app. Contact us!


Developments of specific characteristics

CartoTarget is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

In addition, we are looking for partners to add new features to our roadmap like:

  • Altitude profile
  • Contribution to the map by users
  • Custom plan fund
  • Mapillary integration
  • Api connection to Openstreetmap and other external APIs
  • Time travel images
  • Publishing web services

Propose, vote and finance feature developments on our dedicated webpage !


Custom basemap design

For a map that reflect your image and colors or simply to meet the needs of your business, we offer personalized and unique basemap designs.